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This is where you’ll find Ellin Jimmerson’s sermons on immigration.

“Reflecting on the Migrant Trail Walk.” 

Texts: Genesis 1; John 1:14

“A lot of water. A lot of light. And a God of the cosmos who changes ZIP codes.

Here is something I bet you didn’t know. In the original Greek, John 1:14 reads: “And the Word became flesh and “tabernacled” among us. Do ya’ll know what a “tabernacle” was? It was a tent used by the Hebrews to worship God in while they wandered in the desert during the Exodus.

A lot of water. A lot of light. And a God of the cosmos who changes ZIP codes by pitching his tent among aliens on the run from Pharaoh, wandering in a foreign desert.

And that gets me to the Migrant Trail Walk. . . .” Read more: /reflecting-migrant-trail-walk/

“The Difference Between Charity and Justice”

Text: Isaiah 59.

“Introduction of the text.
It may be helpful before I read the text from Isaiah to give a bit of background. Isaiah was an Old Testament prophet which means he had a gift for pulling back the curtain that covers reality in order to expose truth. The larger backdrop has to do with the rise and fall of Near Eastern empires. He was a Judean of some importance who had access to Kings and the Temple–to major political, military, and religious figures seeking a way out of continual threats from the Assyrians. In other words, Isaiah’s prophetic words are about real-time salvation. About being saved from war. From chaos. From domination. From death. And his theme is that justice is the straight path to a kingdom characterized by a peace so radical, so unexperienced that it passes all our understanding. . . .”
Read more: /the-difference-charity-justice/Aquí es donde usted encontrará los sermones de Ellin Jimmerson sobre la inmigración.

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