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Production of The Second Cooler is complete! The final edits have been made, the sound is pristine, and we have sent the documentary out into the world.

Who would have thought in April, 2008 when Ellin Jimmerson got the idea to make a migrant justice documentary, that over the course of 4 1/2 exhausting years we would win the support of A-list actor Martin Sheen, sound mixing wizard Bill Jackson, dozens of musicians and visual artists who worked on the project pro-bono, and nearly 300 expert cast members, additional contributors and production assistants? It has been a gratifying journey and we are so grateful for all the help we have been given. In particular, we are touched by the support given us by undocumented people, guest workers, and the loved ones of deportees.

We are delighted at the reception we’re getting!

The documentary had its World Premiere in March, 2013 at the Peace on Earth Film Festival in Chicago where it won Best Feature Documentary. Throughout 2013, it won additional awards including the Film 4 Change Award and a special Humanitarian Award from the AMFM Festival of Music, Art, and Film in Cathedral City, California and the Film Heals Award at the Manhattan Film Festival in New York City. It also was an Official Selection of the Arizona International Film Festival in Tucson, the Red Rock Film Festival in Hurricane, Utah, the Boston Latino International Film Festival, and the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival in Santo Domingo in 2013.

The Second Cooler and Ellin Jimmerson also appeared at faith and interfaith events around the U. S. including the Alliance of Baptists Annual Gathering in Greenville, South Carolina, a fund-raiser for the Interfaith Mission Service in Huntsville, Alabama, and at St. Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Allentown, Pennsylvania. They also began to appear at universities including DeSales University in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. To find out about events upcoming in 2014, please go to /screenings.

We also have created The Second Cooler Fan Page on Facebook! Go ahead and click on the link! Please “like” us and join The Second Cooler Movement! On the Fan Page, you can get up-to-the minute information about screening events in the Events section. And you can read Ellin Jimmerson’s brief Notes on immigration issues. A few examples are “Connecting the Dots: Illegal Immigration, People of the Corn, and the Big Gulp Act,” “Visiting Child Migrant Laborers in Alabama,” “Immigration Advocacy and the Danger of a Single Story,” and “Deportation at Christmas: Beckie Newman’s Story.

We also began The Second Cooler Newsletter to keep people up-to-date via email. If you would like to receive it, please let us know by going to Contact and sending us your email address.

We appreciate our fans and supporters so much!!! With your encouragement and support, we are beginning to change the conversation about immigration in ways that will benefit people in the US without papers, guest workers in the US on a temporary visa, and domestic labor.

Now to an indelicate subject: money! Does the success of The Second Cooler mean that the money is starting to come our way? No, it does not! To find out more about our ongoing financial needs and learn how to help, please go to Donate. Every contribution is tax-deductible!

 La producción de La segunda nevera está completa.

El uso de toda la narración, las entrevistas, el arte visual, los mapas, las fotografías adicionales y las canciones adicionales se utilizan con autorización por escrito.

El documental de largometraje dura unos 87 minutos.

Para más información sobre el largometraje, vaya por favor a Visión General. Estamos en el proceso de recaudar los $25.000 que necesitamos para terminar el documental—fondos para el seguro de responsabilidad a terceros y para pagar a los editores Miles Merritt y Gail Kempler, al compositor Joseph Harchanko por su música original, y por los gastos de duplicación, presentación, distribución, y las entradas para festivales de cine.

Para aprender como contribuir, vaya por favor a Haga una Donación.

Nuestro estreno anticipado es el envierno de 2013.

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