Alfred Quíroz, Artist
Alfred Quíroz, Artist

Paula Dempsey, of the Alliance of Baptists, wrote on the Alliance’s website that “The Second Cooler is more than a movie. It is a movement.”

That’s what I want The Second Cooler website to become: a crucial source of critical thinking and serious conversation about illegal (or undocumented, if you prefer) immigration. I want it to be a place where we can evaluate such things as the US Congress’s proposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform packages. I want this to become the go-to website where we can think together, struggle together, and reflect together. What I want, and what so many others who have not yet made it to the national conversational table want, is a way to imagine justice rather than give in to political expediency.

The Second Cooler is, I believe, an important tool.

The Platform for Comprehensive Migrant Justice, which I wrote, is another tool. Much of the platform is amplified in The Second Cooler.

There are many of us who want justice, not compromise with unjust systems. The more than 300 people who gave me interviews, music, art, translations, encouragement, money and many other things are among them. The hundreds of fans are others.

What I want to do here is to expand the dialogue about unlawful immigration through blog posts and images. And, with “spotlights,” I want to introduce you to some of the courageous and gifted people who made The Second Cooler possible–including the fans.

We need your help! Please visit this website often, “like” The Second Cooler Fan Page to join the movement, and ask your friends to do the same.

This is how we can build a justice movement!! This is how we will build a justice movement!!

Thank you!

Ellin Jimmerson

The Second Cooler Movement

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